When God is our judge, we do not have to worry about being subjected to any other persecution or final say other than God’s will in our lives.  God is the judge of the entire world, and everyone in it, because He created it and us. While God is the judge, He is fair, He is just and He is righteous.

His judgment is what is best for us. As His children, God’s judgment is the only judgment we should deem significant.

Considering that God’s our judge, we must be mindful of what He leads us to do. We must take His judgment seriously. His judgment is based on how we handle and execute His will for our lives.

Often times, we are worried about what others are saying about us. Many of us even worry ourselves with what others are doing. HALT! Heed God’s direction! Focus on what God wants us to do! Instead of worrying about others, we need to stay in tune with what God has assigned for us to do. When we concern ourselves with others, it should be with the end result being love and knowledge of the goodness of God being shown to them.

God is our judge and it is His revelation and dictation of our lives that is a major key. Knowing that God is the judge, we should aim to do right, to be righteous, and to be as His Son, Jesus, taught us to be—loving, kind, gracious, and enlightening.

Meditate on This: John 8:7

They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”