When we think of eternal, is it good or bad? Do we perceive things that are never-ending to be mundane, boring, or even tortuous? It certainly depends on the subject matter. In other words, we probably do not want things that are negative or pressuring to be eternal.

But what about the things which are good?

Take, for instance, love. It can be described as a noun—love is a person, place, or thing. As believers, we should be able to attest to this. We should be able to say that God is love, He exudes love, and wherever God is, so is love. We should want love to be eternal.

Happily, it can be said—the love of Christ is eternal (check out Psalm 103:8-11). That means, if Christ were a well, and love was the water therein, then the well would never run dry. God’s love is constant. God’s love is unmatched, unchanging, and unwavering (whew, thank you Jesus)!

So, children of God, hold on to this amazing gift! Do not take it for granted, Instead, devour that love and try your best to show some sign of recognizance of just how amazing God’s eternal love is!


  • Praise God through life’s journey
  • Show yourself love
  • Show others love ** Not just your good friends, but strangers too!


Scripture to Remember: 1 Corinthians 8:3 (EASY)

But if somebody loves God, he is God’s friend. God knows that person.