About Us

Our Mission

We Love Helping Those Who Are Not There, Get There!


Connect or reconnect 10,000 people to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Be the hands, heart and feet of Jesus in the lives of 5,000 people in a tangible way.

Be the catalyst for 1,000 family relationships being restored.

Our Core Values

We Love with a Love That Won’t Lose

Since GOD continues to demonstrate His merciful love to us, we deliberately attempt to show an obvious, overt and even obnoxious love that attracts, not repel.

We Are United Under One Vision

We will aggressively defend unity and be in submission to the vision handed down by GOD to our leaders.

We Seek To Be in the Moment and Relevant

We will always seek to be strategic in endeavors or initiatives, apply quantitative numbers to our efforts and be a learning church that will change tactics and methodology if it helps people connect with GOD.

We Will Be Guilty of Being Courageous

We are open-minded to the Spirit of GOD as He provides direction for us in all things concerning the church and His people.

We Will Be Known More for What We Are For

We will teach and publicize about the Lordship of Jesus, salvation as a generous gift of GOD and the eternal benefits of operating in Kingdom principles.