Scripture to Remember: Luke 12:29-31:

And do not seek what you will eat and what you will drink, and do not keep worrying. For all these things the nations of the world eagerly seek; but your Father knows that you need these things. But seek His kingdom, and these things will be added to you.

Frequently, when we hear people say the well-known phrase “What would Jesus do?” we laugh it off and do not necessarily give more thought to it.

However, we should often consider the actions of Jesus when we are about to act on something in our daily lives. Pause. Think about the result of the matter. Would Jesus be pleased with our actions—with our interactions? When dwelling on what Jesus would do, if He were in some of the toughest situations that we have experienced, we have to recall His humility, his humble process and His ability to put the needs of others above His own. Dare we take the same approach?

Instead of cussing and fussing, could we smooth things over in a calmer demeanor? Instead of thinking that every individual is out to get you, could you try to trust God and lean into others when He says to do so?

When the storms of this life try to consume us, we ought to be more like Jesus—ask for the help of the God, the Father. Do not try to do everything on your own. Do not wallow in the mess and the mistakes that are inevitable. Instead, like Jesus, asked God to see you through. Ask God for strength, clarity and better days.

The next time you are worrying, angry, frustrated, confused, tired, at the end of your rope, think—What would Jesus do? Lean into the examples embedded in the word of God to know your next course of action!