Mixed signals are sure to confuse us. We are unsure of what is going on. We are less confident in whatever is causing mixed signals, be it relationships, actual signals when driving, even attempting to learn something new. If there is not a sure way of perceiving something, it causes the spirit of incompletion.

This can also occur in our daily walk with the Lord. If we are not cognizant of what He says about us, about His will, and about the future, we will fall prey to having the sense of mixed signals. Nevertheless, having clear signals as it pertains to God, and everything else for that matter, requires communication. Communication often leads to making sense of something; getting a better understanding of something that was at first cloudy/unknown to us prior.

To communicate with God is to partake of His word. Within it lies the answers to some of our mixed signals, if not all of them. When we are tried by Satan, that can lead to mixed signals if we have not been in communication with God. Our prayer life and our ability to strengthen our relationship with God through devouring His word allows a hedge of protection. As a believer and child of God, we acknowledge just how amazing He is and we become less confused when things/people try to come against us.

Let us not be frazzled by the confusing times we live in! Instead, run to the safety zone! Run to the sureness that is our Lord! 

Scripture to Remember: James 1:17

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.