In John 3:16 we get the framework for God’s everlasting love. He loved us so much, that He sent His only Son, Jesus to earth. Jesus lived amongst the world and died for our sins. That death served as a washing away of the pain, guilt, and wrong doings of God’s people. In exchange, we were allotted an open and long-lasting relationship with God.

As we meditate on God’s love, we should be reminded that we can bring everything that plagues us and weighs us down to Him, in exchange for the comfort and reassurance that His love allows. That includes fear. Fear is a mechanism that shocks us and often puts us at a standstill. We feel so consumed by it, that we second guess or even forget the power and might of our Lord. Please, move past fear. Exchange fear for love. After all, God’s love is more powerful than anything that seems too scary or nerve-wrecking for us.

Love cancels fear. Love, pure, love, is God. Therefore, God is greater and stronger than anything we face. We are better when we do all things through the love and strength of Christ. We can conquer all things, through our Father. We certainly can conquer fear. Trust God and move as He says!

Meditate on This: Romans 8:37

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.